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Monday, March 19, 2012

BIRDIE'S TALK - Keep Calm and Carry On!

Definitely, today was a mad day!

After moving to my new room in London (Camden) carrying 4 large (and heavy!!!) bags as well as a big backpack, I still had to clean up the mess that the Agency left for me. My room was filthy, the floor covered with plastics, papers, and too much dust to see it's real color! Definitely a bad service that was already reported to the Agency!

As I put the luggage down I sweept the floor and run out to Argos to buy sheets, pillows, the duvet and the covers, and also to Lidl (the closest to Argos) to buy a cleaning product to the floor, as well as some basic food. In about an hour after this, my room was smelling nice and ready to put the luggage there.

The hot shower saved my day and in a sudden I was meeting my flatmates: a couple that live in the largest room in the house, next to mine. They are teachers. She's from Australia and he's English. Nice people, we spoke for a while and then I was so tired that Came to my room and call home, while some friends also "Skiped me!

It took me some time to get asleep. I was too tired. But very happy and excited with this new opportunity that Life is giving me. But my feet were smashed... :))

Take Care.



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