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Friday, June 09, 2006

One Friday Lovely Night...

Hi...There's been quite a long time since I wrote something... Well, other "characters" had been playing with my "lines". And such a "characters"... ;)

It's friday night. I's a beautiful evening. And I couldn't pass it by without writing a few words. Simply ones.

I'm at home with some kind of "virous". It's the new buzzword in every hospital you go! Wow! So... perhaps because I've worked for years in tech companies, I feel more confortable explaining the syntoms in a technical way! So, I guess the Virus entered through my "system" and I reached to 39,5 celcius degrees! Gosh! I was really scared! I've never had fever like this before, not even during my childhood!!

The best of all was that I was not assisted by a computer engineer or by a technical service (I'm over the warranty, anyway! ;) )
The best of this was that I got the best assistance I ever had from Doctors in an emergency service of the Hospital.

So, today I's my third day at home... taking loads of drugs to get better,
Anyway, a great friend of mine showed up to see how I was and it was so nice to feel someone cares about... I even started to feel better!

We drank Jasmin Tea and talked for a while. He left and I sat at my window... looked around, saw the quiet river, the bright lights in the evening, 've smelled the perfume of some trees from the garden opposite my house and realise that... these are the real little and sweetest fragments of life.

Something bad can bring us many good things and also can awake us from our stressed routine to stop our body and soul, to make us to listen, to see, to think simple, and to enjoy what we have... and we will find out... it's a lot.

Look around you and Feel the greatness of your life every single day. No matter what...

Take care...

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