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Thursday, October 25, 2012

BIRDIE'S TALK - It's Official: I'm in Love with London!

I always loved London. But now... I'm officially in love with this City!
I'm marveled with this big city and it's conquering my heart day after day. I feel as if I were at home. It's a kind of... osmosis. I know most of the main streets and many places, I can walk everywhere and I'm never lost. I live in an amazing area, and... I kind feel like one of them. A local. Especially when people come to me to look for directions.

I feel that I belong here... All this makes sense to me. I'm much happier, I feel alive and all my senses are awaken! It's wonderful!! I had this special feeling when I found myself holding the union jack flag and started to sing the national hymn and my eyes became full of tears of emotion during the Queen Jubilee weekend. I was feeling a strong sense of belonging.
Then... I like the English people. With all the virtues and worst flaws. I find them funny! I like them more that I could ever imagine. They're nice, kind, funny, cute (some of them) but specially I find them very relaxed, professional, easy-going, straightforward, focused and dedicated. They just drink too much beer... :)

I'm in love and that's it!! There's nothing I can do about this.
Of course I miss my family, my friends, the Portuguese fish, the wine (oh my god the wine), the beaches and special places, but... everyday when I wake here I feel I'm at home and that this is my neighborhood, my city, and I start to know some people and having familiar faces, from the Cafes, stores, neighbors, even some people that go to the same tube station everyday at the same time. :) And it's wonderful when you get into the coffee shop where you're a regular and the guy asks you how you are and it's already preparing my single espresso. It's just... beautiful and incredibly good.

London... I Love You.


BIRDIE'S TALK - Camden Town and Mornington Crescent

Camden is the life and sole of any party; a massive alternative music, cultural and theatre scene runs alongside the mainstream. This area is stereotyped as the hippy, grungy, left-leaning area, but with a trendy edge - just take a look around Camden Market!

Alongside this there is a greater respectability around Regent's Park and London Zoo as well as the mainstream attractions in the City centre around The British Museum and the new St. Pancras Station.

The London Borough of Camden stretches a total of just 22 square kilometers within inner London, to the north of the city centre

It is an area of strong contrasts, ranging from open spaces like Hampstead Heath, to the busy Central London areas of Covent Garden and Holborn and the lively, lefty Camden Market and Camden Lock.

I leave you now with Will! :)



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