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Stress and the City

Living in a big city can be fantastic but also overwhelming.
Since I moved from Lisbon to London I've been living the greatest moments of my life, for worse or for better.

I'll bring my experience of moving here alone, with nothing but the certainty of how much I wanted to stay and do my best here.

Stories will be around thoughts, personal and professional experiences, failures and successes, new and old friends and how much all this has been changing the person I used to be. 

Also, my perspective on the life of those who like to live in the city turmoil, trying to manage the inevitable stress. 

Here, I'm sharing emotions, the vertigo of Time, the good and least expected experiences, always along with good music. 


After all, life in the city is a melody orchestrated by numerous instruments, rhythms, tempo, energy, and endless influences that make up the agenda of each of our days. 

Stress and the City is a Blog created in 2005. I’ve written in it for a few years because I love writing.

I hope you enjoy my writing.

Take Care.


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