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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sharing a... Cup of White Coffee!

Our lives have changed tremendously with the Internet business boom. Instead of letters we send emails; instead watching the news on the TV we look through the YouTube; instead of reading the latest gossiping in the magazines we write it in a blog and share it at the social networks.

From passive eyes we became active voices that desire "Likes", "Comments", sharing our latest photos from the dinner in the fancy restaurant, the hot party in a trendy Club or from the weekend at the Countryside.
Basically, people share almost everything, from the smallest to the huge happening.

By the time that my relationship with social networks became deeply boring and distant... I found a new way of saying a lot without saying anything at all.

In the past few weeks I've became quite familiar with foursquare, or I should say... addicted! It's a kind of a social network where we have friends and share the places we are in a certain moment. We can add photos, tips and we also gather some points and special badges according to our performance. Then, our friends know where we are and doing what everytime we decide to share it. We can become Mayors of the places if we go often for several followed days.

After 52 friends, 14 Mayorships, 12 badges, 16 tips and 194 check-in's in two months, I am feeling completely addicted. Everytime I'm going somewhere I add the place at foursquare, watch where my friends are, read their tips and look at the photos. How thrilled I am everytime I share a new place, somewhere where I've never been before.

This is a bit weird and redundant. Why do I share with the world if I have lunch at Versailles and why am I so curious about where others are? Is this a question of having some time off or pure insanity? Is it an intriguing need of some voyerism in our lives or the recognition that even when we are busy, doing things and not alone we still feel... lonely?.... Or... is this the social generation virus that locks up our ego in a stage waiting for the public's applauses?

I finished my white coffee at Benard thinking about this. Still, I was updating my timeline at foursquare again with a photo of my cup of coffee to show I was really there! Mónica arrived five minutes later.

We've been talking for hours and time went by too quickly.
Definitely, I was not feeling alone. I left foursquare spending sometime alone in my bag waiting for... lonely moments or... moments filled with the strange need of shouting to strangers that the white coffee at Benard's it's great keeping to myself how great and fun my chat with Mónica was!

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