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Sunday, January 02, 2011

A Brand New... Time!

Wow! We are officially in 2011!
When I was a kid I used to watch the serial on TV called Space 1999. Now, I am in 2011! This tells me that I've lived already a lot! :) Or, better saying, many years.
By that time I had my head full of dreams and hopes but I was not woried about the future. These dreams were short or middle time things to aim. As a normal kid, I was living each day and minute as if nothing else mattered. Well, and it seems that this is the right and clever way to live, at least is what the personal development books say. Incredible happy and "busy", days used to take a long time to go by and years seemed to be longer than now.
What happen to my notion of time? Is this a problem of... getting older? I mean... more experient??...

Well... the fact is that, nowadays, my time goes too quickly for the things I usually do and years go by at a huge pace looking like the more quickly they go the less things I do!
There must be something wrong with my internal clock!
Today I was wondering about this while I was having my morning coffee at Nautic's and looking at the news on the paper. Suddendly, there was a voice coming from the television that stroke me and invaded the quietness of a sunday morning break as well as the relationship I have with my coffee: Cadilhe's just launched he's new book about Travelling. It's called The World is Easy.
I watched the full report about the book and then I went back to my coffee and... to myself!
These last days I have been thinking so much about my life and so many things had happened around me that I keep thinking about moving into another country and give a real change into my life.
One of my best friends - Inês - went to Barcelona in the last day of the year, she's going to live there. Another friend of mine - Alexandra - is thinking about going to Madrid during this year.
Facing the fact that I have no kinds, no stable professional life and no personal commitments, apart friends, why staying? Would departure to a different place bring a "sense of more" to my Time?...
Well, right now I don't know. But the question is that I keep thinking about this possibility and this means something. What I really know is that I do not travel for quite a long time and Cadilhe just brought back this wish of me. On the other hand, I also know (and feel) that my life is redundant and in a limbo. It clearly needs to change! And the only person that can do this it's... me, myself and I.

It's a brand new year, it's time to bring resolutions to life and make real changes and this is the year!
I want to moove away from limbo and feel my well spend time again, feeling alive and doing things that keep me happy and laughing as the kid I used to be.

There's a brand New Year to do it! It's about time to fulfill my time with a different kind of life. Just have to figure out... how.

Take Care.

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