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Thursday, October 25, 2012

BIRDIE'S TALK - It's Official: I'm in Love with London!

I always loved London. But now... I'm officially in love with this City!
I'm marveled with this big city and it's conquering my heart day after day. I feel as if I were at home. It's a kind of... osmosis. I know most of the main streets and many places, I can walk everywhere and I'm never lost. I live in an amazing area, and... I kind feel like one of them. A local. Especially when people come to me to look for directions.

I feel that I belong here... All this makes sense to me. I'm much happier, I feel alive and all my senses are awaken! It's wonderful!! I had this special feeling when I found myself holding the union jack flag and started to sing the national hymn and my eyes became full of tears of emotion during the Queen Jubilee weekend. I was feeling a strong sense of belonging.
Then... I like the English people. With all the virtues and worst flaws. I find them funny! I like them more that I could ever imagine. They're nice, kind, funny, cute (some of them) but specially I find them very relaxed, professional, easy-going, straightforward, focused and dedicated. They just drink too much beer... :)

I'm in love and that's it!! There's nothing I can do about this.
Of course I miss my family, my friends, the Portuguese fish, the wine (oh my god the wine), the beaches and special places, but... everyday when I wake here I feel I'm at home and that this is my neighborhood, my city, and I start to know some people and having familiar faces, from the Cafes, stores, neighbors, even some people that go to the same tube station everyday at the same time. :) And it's wonderful when you get into the coffee shop where you're a regular and the guy asks you how you are and it's already preparing my single espresso. It's just... beautiful and incredibly good.

London... I Love You.


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