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Saturday, July 14, 2012

BIRDIE'S TALK - Coffee, my daily Ally!

When Coffee becomes so important as brushing teeth... it means: addiction!
I need a coffee right now otherwise I might go back to bed to dream about Coffee... 

And that's what happened. Well, actually I went out for a coffee with my heavy and kind a "range rover" laptop. 
Lot's of stuff to read and catch up with and a few emails I really wanted to send. 

A few articles and emails after I was feeling almost in coma and just wanted to go home. I had a strong headache since morning and it was almost 3pm and it was only getting worst.

As I was putting my things back in my old yellow Kipling's backpack three people sat at the table next to mine. An older guy and the other two ginger haired were having lunch when the oldest guy make a joke and looked at me because I was laughing to myself about he's joke. So he started talking to me saying they had just been in a Comedy course right in front of the coffee shop where we were. 
So we spoke for a while about the course until the time the older guy asked me if my hair was real Ginger. I smiled and replied to him: "my hair is not so ginger as you see it. It's like a Fendi purse made in Thailand: it's a bit faked!" So the three all laughed and told me that I should go on the course. I laughed more than them because I can't "do" nothing about my life so a Comedy course it's definitely not my priority! Of course I did not share this with them. After a few more gag's and and example of a silent gag they asked to do, they wrote the school's website on a piece of paper and advise me to go there because I was really good at it.

After my mini-comedy show, I finnaly said goodbye and left. On my way home I got to thinking... I'm funny, I'm good as a professional, I'm a nice person, I'm living in the City that I love (after Lisbon), I'm in contact with some of mine very few good friends but... my life is a Greek Tragedy instead of a Comedy. And it has been like this for quite a long time. I was feeling like the classic example of the Clown in the Circus: he's funny, he makes everyone laugh but when he goes to his trailer and looks at the mirror... the funny make-up comes all out with the tears that fall apart.

My head was still aching but I was no longer feeling it so much as the ache in my heart. I arrived home and made another coffee to myself. I sat at my window watching the rain falling.

Take care,

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