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Friday, September 02, 2011

Feeling the Music

Some songs can be magical. Most of the times they're so simple in the sound and in the lyrics but they can have a strong effect on us.

They can give us a lot of energy when we most need it, some can make us laugh while others we listen till the exhaustion when we need to cry. Some songs are great to give a call to creativity and inspiration. And if we simply want to think about something or meditate about wishes and our life, there are also amazing sounds. And of course... the love songs, which I believe vary from person to person.

What can be romantic to me, might not sound anything special to another person. It depends on our personal taste, of our emotions and also if the song has a special meaning.

Well, I'm not writing a post today, so I just want to share a great song (to me) with you. Hope you enjoy it so much as I am. You'll decide the effect it has on you. ;)

Take care.

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